Serious games

Discover a new perspective


Engaging your audience

Serious games (or social impact games) are a fantastic tool to engage your audience. By letting people actively explore a concept or idea they learn much more. They can step outside of their comfort zone, learn from their mistakes and discover new perspectives.

Any subject

The games we design can be playful or serious, depending on the subject. What’s important is that it does the subject justice and supports the learning goals you’ve set out. Our methods work; we’ve made games for governments, universities and large corporations. They’ve been played by millions.

Played on the web

What’s unique about our games is that they can be played on the web, by anyone, anywhere. Game content (such as story, visuals and audio) can be easily changed, translated and expanded upon. Play data can be collected (anonymously) so that you can conduct research into the effectiveness of the game.

Narrative games

Once you’ve set out the learning goals, writing great content is maybe the most important task. It’s also one of the most difficult. We have a lot of experience writing great storylines for games, and designing appealing visuals to match. We’ll be happy to create the game content.


We start with a creative session exploring the learning goals. How will players encounter the game, what are challenges and opportunities?

Art direction

We design storyline, visuals, sounds and gameplay to support the learning goals we defined earlier.


From prototype to final product. We use modern web standards to bring a compelling interactive experience to your target audience.


We’ll help with launching and promoting the game. We offer premium support and hosting, and are happy to help you expand, translate or update the game.

Bas Janson

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