A social impact game taking on fake news about Coronavirus

Project Go Viral!

Go Viral! is a unique, international collaboration that helps protect players against COVID-19 misinformation, designed and developed by Gusmanson.

Understanding fake news

We’re very proud to have helped create this social impact game that shows the effects of misinformation campaigns, fake experts, conspiracy theories and old fashioned fear mongering. Doing so, players discover how fake news about COVID-19 spreads. Understanding this allows players to better discern fact from fiction, and resist fake news going forward. We believe it’s a great way to combat fake news.


Simple to play

Go Viral! is designed to be a five minute game anyone, anywhere can play in their browser. The game features a clean design language and basic interactions, as well as a fun challenge mode. The central story, in which you rise to the rank of misinformation super spreader in order to learn how to resist dangerous misinformation, is presented through a series of chat messages, as if you’re conversing with a (weird) friend. Players decide which horrible lies to publish, which fake experts you impersonate and what conspiracy will get them the most likes…


A unique collaboration

We’ve designed and developed Go Viral! in collaboration with the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab at theĀ  University of Cambridge, DROG and the UK Cabinet Office. The game has launched in English, French and German, with more languages following soon. Play the game here.

About Gusmanson

Gusmanson is a design agency in the Netherlands, focused on online products. We’ve created serious impact games, websites and apps. Want to work with us? We’d love to have coffee or Zoom sometime.


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