Go Viral!


Good game – A serious game about COVID-19 conspiracies.


How can we help people distinguish fact from fiction during a pandemic?

Way forward

A game that lets players experiment with coronavirus misinformation, inoculating them against fake news in the future. Made in collaboration with the UK Government, DROG and the University of Cambridge’s Social Decision-Making Lab.

Go Viral! is part of the UK government’s fight against fake news. The game gives players a taste of the techniques and motivations behind the spread of coronavirus misinformation – which helps them recognize fake news, and be more resistant to misinformation.

The design is bold and colorful, the game can be played on any device and takes only five minutes. The central story, in which you rise to the rank of misinformation super spreader, is presented through a series of chat messages. Players find out how real news gets discredited by exploiting fake doctors and remedies, and how false rumours such as the notorious 5G conspiracy get promoted.

Play the game here.