A corporate identity and website for engineers and innovators working to make the world a better place.

What we did



Balance digital expertise and passionate idealism.


Bold, no-nonsense design and copywriting that shows how Innovattic empowers people to reach their goal.

Appealing to clients and employees

Innovattic is a digital agency, empowering their clients to change the world. They tasked us to design a corporate identity embodying their realistic optimism, appealing to potential clients and future employees.

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Bold, unpretentious design

Innovattic wants to build a better world. The design underscores this ambition. It’s bold, unpretentious, optimistic, practical. It speaks to idealists, inventors and engineers. We chose cool colors, a daring logotype that’s almost in motion, and a free-form layout.


No-nonsense storytelling

The website is a storytelling device. We designed bespoke content elements and icons. We wrote copy that speaks proudly of the organisation’s ideals. We stripped buzz words. The site is an example of Innovattic’s no-nonsense approach to doing business.

The strategy was developed by The Young.
The site was built by Innovattic.

Bas Breugelmans

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