Give your brand meaning


Brand identity

A good brand identity is more than a nice logo and font. It is the story of your brand; what you do, why it is important and what that means for your target group. If everything is correct, that story is in everything an organization does; from the business cards to product packaging. You will achieve more with a meaningful brand identity.

Valuable results

We believe in meaningful brand stories. That are not just attractive and cool, but also actually valuable. This should not be some abstract value, but a very plain, simple one. For example, help you communicate with clarity and purpose. Make the team proud. Create a lasting connection with your customer, leading to better results.

The right partner

With over 10+ years of experience in developing meaningful brand identities, we’re happy to help you. We partner with all kinds of clients, large and small, across industries. Such as a leading interior design store in Leiden, as well as an international startup fighting disinformation. We’d love to hear from you.

From insight to impact

We kick off our partnership with a creative session, gathering insights and data. We create customer journeys, and formulate a brand story. Together we define the best strategy for maximum impact.

Shaping your brand

The next step is designing the brand identity. This step includes naming, visual design, copywriting in the right tone of voice and creating communication materials.

Exploring the future

A brand identity requires a bit of love to stay healthy. We’re on your team, doing regular check-ins and offering assistance when you need it.

Bas Breugelmans

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