A fast-growing startup brings innovative products to new markets. We designed an identity that helps shift perspective.


Balance expanding into new markets and staying true to the original mission.

Way forward

A confident identity that shows flexibility and determination.

Meet Tilt

Online manipulation is the biggest challenge of our time. Instead of combatting the bad guys, Tilt helps people to recognize online manipulation, inoculating them against harmful effects. What began with a single serious game, Bad News, has grown into a startup with global ambitions. Can the brand identity keep up?

Growing together

What helps is that we know this client very well: we have been working with the team for years, designing their first product Bad News. We have seen them grow, bringing their innovative products to new markets. There’s a clear necessity for a more grown-up, confident brand identity and an “online communication toolbox” to reach a global audience.


New name

Since the organization has gone through so many changes, we began the process by gathering input from everyone at the company. We wanted to talk about everyone’s expectations and discover the shared core values. We found that the old name didn’t really fit anymore, and wanted to find a new name to mark the start of a new era. We chose Tilt; because of the company’s unique perspective on online manipulation, and because it fits well with the various gaming and monitoring products.

Flexible, clean

The brand identity features a distinctive logo; flexible, with individual letters adapting to fit their surroundings. The palette is balanced, with neutral colors and a single striking red color to underline the mission’s urgency. Informal photography and friendly illustrations help Tilt stand out among a crowd of corporate same-ness. The identity as a whole is clean and professional, driving home the no-nonsense approach.


We selected Monument Grotesk, a confident typeface fitting the practical, hands-on approach of Tilt.


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Photography by Jordi Huisman
Illustrations by Yara Ruby
Typeface by Dinamo