Anything but ordinary – Creating a brand identity that gets you excited for big, bold, colorful flowers.

Identity, concept, development


Create a new brand focused on wholesale trading of exotic flowers such as Banksia, Nutans, Cape Green, and more.

Way forward

Share the joy and excitement of discovering out-of-this-world, extraordinary flowers with everyone. Inspire traders and customers alike to go on an adventure with Odilia.


Odilia is an adventurer, with a penchant for the extraordinary. She invites you to come along on an adventure. We’ve emphasized these character traits in the overall design; tone of voice, illustrations, photography and colors.

Odilia’s product portfolio focuses on “extraordinary” flowers; big, bold and colorful. It’s a specialty brand with mass appeal. In designing the identity we made some bold choices, and created something that’s totally different from most wholesale flower brands.



We designed and produced all online and offline communications. Logo, type, website, brochures and social media channels all contribute to the central brand story, sharing Odilia’s enthusiasm for the extraordinary.


Semi-clear packaging is very cool to look at and hugely differentiating in the world of wholesale flower trade. A cool booklet, with fun descriptions of each variety, introduces traders and florists these otherworldly beauties.

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Photography by Joske Simmelink
Illustration by Yara Ruby