Work worth doing – The brand identity and new website for employment agency Binck. Because Binck believes everyone should be able to find worthwile work.


A way to grow, expand and challenge the status-quo without losing sight of the core ideals.

Way forward

A rock solid identity and smart communications, updated regularly. Made by people, for people.

Binck helps construction workers, traffic controllers and lots of other craftsmen find work they really love. They support their applicants with personal advice, career planning and benefits such as in-house training. We made this the leading idea of our design; celebrating the importance of worthwhile work.


The identity has been consistently implemented across a wide range of communications. The festive colors, bold logotype, beautiful portraits of the workers and informal tone-of-voice offer recognizability, from vehicle signage to in-house magazines, posters, booklets, advertising campaigns and more. The most visible is, of course, the website.


The website, made with WordPress, is modern, easy to navigate and practical to manage. We implemented a smart vacancy filter, a separate online magazine, and a conncetion with external CRM-systems.


The site is optimized for SEO, with landing pages for job listings and search terms. Most importantly, all this technical stuff doesn’t get in the way of a user friendly experience.


Visit the site.

Photography by Lennaert Ruinen.