How to make amazing corporate magazines

We recently had the pleasure of producing Ones To Watch, a corporate magazine that highlights all products groups sold by flower trader Coloríginz. Here are three take-aways for creating great corporate magazines.

Build on the brand story

For Coloríginz, we focused on one of the organization’s core strengths: having a keen eye for the world’s best flowers, and getting them to customers all around the world. It made sense to celebrate the different varieties.

Never be boring

Corporate magazines have a tendency to be predictable, safe and pretty boring. This is bad. Boring magazines end up in the lobby, unread and unloved. Don’t be afraid to inspire your readers!

my peony society-magazines
The My Peony Society Magazine, celebrating the peony season

Content is king

Focus on great content. Put effort into quality photography and copywriting. Forget what you want your customers to read, focus instead on what they want to read. It sounds obvious, because it is. But it’s easy to forget.

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